Have you ever wondered how black lights, or mirrors work? This collection of articles will explain the workings of some of the most common inventions and innovations you come into contact with everyday.

How does an X-ray machine work?

X-ray machines are an indispensable part of medical diagnosis. Find out how they see right through you.

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  • How Light Sticks Work

    How Light Sticks Work

    You see light sticks everywhere during the holidays – especially Halloween. Have you ever wondered why these cool light sources glow? What's happening when you crack one? Take a look inside a light stick. See more »

  • How Pet Microchipping Works

    How Pet Microchipping Works

    Pet microchips are supposed to ensure recovery of your lost animal. But these chips have received as much opposition as they have praise. Find out when the devices work and when they fail. See more »

  • How Solar-powered Sunglasses Work

    How Solar-powered Sunglasses Work

    Most people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes -- or to just look cool. But are there possibilities for energy generation that we're missing out on? See more »

  • How Sunglasses Work

    How Sunglasses Work

    Whether you're hitting the surf or the slopes or just spending a day on the lake, sunglasses are a must-have accessory. Find out if the $10 sunglasses are as good as the high-cost ones. See more »

  • How Tooth Whitening Works

    How Tooth Whitening Works

    In the past few years, tooth-whitening has exploded as the physical upgrade of choice. Unlike nose jobs and chin tucks, just about anybody can afford to try this at home. Learn about different whitening techniques and how they work, and decide if you should give it a try. See more »

  • How Underground Pet Fences Work

    How Underground Pet Fences Work

    Want to keep your dog out of the neighbor's yard but feeling guilty pulling out a leash? You might consider an underground or wireless pet fence. Learn how these fascinating systems work and why this specialized fencing industry is booming. See more »

  • How Zippers Work

    How Zippers Work

    Better than buttons? Maybe. Less time-consuming than laces? Definitely. As far as fastening mechanisms go, the zipper is a work of art. Learn exactly what makes up a zipper and how it all fits together so perfectly. See more »

  • Is glass really a liquid?

    Is glass really a liquid?

    Whether it's checking your look in a mirror or using a smartphone, we've come to rely on glass so much that it's nearly impossible to imagine life without it. But what exactly is this remarkable material? Solid, liquid or other? See more »

  • Quiz: Are you an expert at springing forward and falling back?

    Quiz: Are you an expert at springing forward and falling back?

    Shakespeare cautioned us to "Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends." Does daylight saving time have effects that have escaped our attention? Spend a few minutes with this quiz and see if you're a time bandit or a buffoon. See more »

  • Quiz: Could you survive among the patent trolls?

    Quiz: Could you survive among the patent trolls?

    These days, high-tech innovators have to be able to navigate the tricky world of patent litigation. Would you be ready if a patent troll came knocking? See more »

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