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Everyday Innovations

Have you ever wondered how black lights, or mirrors work? This collection of articles will explain the workings of some of the most common inventions and innovations you come into contact with everyday.

How to Make a Potato Powered Light Bulb

You want to make a potato powered light bulb, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a potato powered light bulb in this article.

You want to make a solar water heater using a soda can, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to make a solar water heater using a soda can. See more »

Making a barometer is a fun project, especially if you're interested in tracking and forecasting the weather. Read this article to learn how to make a barometer. See more »

How Cornucopia's Digital Gastronomy Works

The term "digital gastronomy" conjures up images of space-age kitchens, but it may not be so far in the future. Marcelo Coelho and Amit Zoran are proposing the Cornucopia, three devices that would revolutionize food technology. See more »

How Lab-grown Skin Works

A burn injury is one of the most devastating things a body can endure, and until recently, a serious third-degree burn meant certain death. Skin grown in a lab (yes, you read that right) improves the odds. See more »

How  Mirrors Work

For such a pedestrian item, mirrors resonate deeply in the human psyche. They represent truth and illusion at the same time, and this dichotomy has shown up in literature time and again. See more »

Tinnovation Pictures

If you don’t know what tinnovation is, prepare to be amazed. These photos feature neat hacks that turn mere Altoid tins into utility items and art. See more »

How Solar-powered Sunglasses Work

Most people wear sunglasses to protect their eyes -- or to just look cool. But are there possibilities for energy generation that we're missing out on? See more »

How Crypton Super Fabrics Work

Right now, you may be sitting on a chair or walking on a rug made of some type of fabric. Hopefully, you're wearing fabric in the form of clothes! But fabric is easily damaged. So what if there were a super fabric out there that stayed intact? See more »

How Pet Microchipping Works

Pet microchips are supposed to ensure recovery of your lost animal. But these chips have received as much opposition as they have praise. Find out when the devices work and when they fail. See more »

How Artificial Blood Works

Swapping out a non-functioning organ for a manmade replacement usually makes sense, but what about a manmade replacement for blood? Learn all about artificial blood. See more »