The Furious Origin of Potato Chips (and Nicer Stories)
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Daniel Peter: Milk Chocolate
Nowadays milk chocolate is everywhere, but this wasn't always the case. Tune in to learn more about Daniel Peter, who took bitter cocoa tablets and -- with loads of hard work and a neighbor named Nestle -- created the Stuff of (chocolate) Genius.
Frank Epperson: Popsicle
Frank Epperson wasn't the typical inventor -- in fact, he wasn't even old enough to drive when he invented the popsicle. Tune in and learn the story behind this Stuff of (Frozen) Genius.
George Crum: Potato Chips
Frustrated by a picky customer, cook George Crum fried up some paper-thin potato slices. Find out how George's revenge scheme went awry -- and how his potato chips became the Stuff of Genius -- in this episode.
Joseph Friedman: The Flexible Straw
Joseph Friedman took beverage technology to a whole new level with the invention of the flexible drinking straw. Find out how Friedman came up with his bendy creation in this podcast from
Momofuku Ando: Instant Noodles
Momofuku Ando didn't set out to create noodle bowls, but the former textile company owner had an epiphany while watching a line of hungry people waiting for food. Tune in to learn what led him from garments to instant noodles in this episode.
Nicolas Appert: Canned Food
Nowadays, canned food is everywhere -- but how did this industry begin? Tune in to learn how Nicholas Appert discovered the principles used in canning food -- and why we have Napoleon to thank for this Stuff of Genius.
Norbert Rillieux: Refined Sugar
Before Norbert Rillieux's sugar evaporator, slaves across the New World risked severe -- and often fatal -- injury while refining sugar. Learn how this Stuff of Genius saved hundreds of lives and modernized sugar in this episode.
Percy Spencer: Microwave Oven
Today, microwave ovens are a common sight in kitchens across the world -- but who invented them? Tune in to learn how Percy Spencer accidentally struck upon the Stuff of Microwaving Genius.
Robert Cades: Gatorade
When a local football coach asked Robert Cade to help hydrate his players, he set off on a journey to find the perfect sports drink. Tune in and learn more about Cade's Stuff of Genius in this episode.