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Science Questions

Science questions are a fun and interesting way to learn about planet Earth, organisms and the universe. In this section you'll find an incredible collection of science questions covering a wide variety of topics.

Could I power my computer or my TV with a bicycle generator?

I live in California, where we are having a power crunch. I have a hypothetical question: Could I power my computer or my TV with a bicycle generator?

The Top 10 Questions of 2008

At HowStuffWorks, we're always curious, and 2008 gave us a lot to be curious about -- financial bailouts, skyrocketing food prices and, of course, the Google algorithm. Here are our top 10 questions of the year -- answered. What are yours? See more »

Can you power an iPod with an onion?

What if your trusty white earbuds fell silent one day, and your charger was nowhere to be found? Would rifling through the vegetable drawer restore the music? See more »

Is it possible to fix a blown fuse with a chewing gum wrapper?

Before you hurriedly unwrap a stick of gum and twist the foil around the closest blown fuse, you may want to consider a few things. You could have a fixed fuse -- or a full-blown fire. See more »

What if I accidentally ended up locked in a walk-in freezer?

You stay behind at work and agree to close up alone. You go into the walk-in freezer to put away some food, and the door shuts behind you. You do everything you can think of, but you can't get it open. Now what? See more »

What if someone shot a gun on an airplane?

In movies, bad guys can take over an airplane and start shooting up the place. Wouldn't the plane explode or depressurize as soon as the bullet pierced its skin? See more »

How Quantum Suicide Works

A man has a gun. But this is no ordinary man, and this is no ordinary gun. This isn't a setup for a sci-fi thriller. It's the premise for quantum suicide. See more »

Do backscatter X-ray systems pose a risk to frequent fliers?

The backscatter X-ray system that can see through clothes has begun its test run at the international airport in Phoenix. But privacy is only one concern facing its implementation. See more »

Aren't there machines that can detect liquid explosives?

Learn how a machine can detect liquid explosives in sealed containers. See more »

What if I shot my TV?

You know that bumper sticker that says "Shoot your TV"? Click here to find out what would happen if you actually tried it (it's best to let us do the dirty work). See more »

How does a ball point pen work?

How does a ball point pen work? See more »