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Science Questions

Science questions are a fun and interesting way to learn about planet Earth, organisms and the universe. In this section you'll find an incredible collection of science questions covering a wide variety of topics.

How does a chicken's egg get its shell?

How do chickens create eggs? Does the chicken's body make the shell and fill it with the white and yolk somehow, or does it make the white and yolk and then somehow wrap the shell around it?

Can you power an iPod with an onion?

You can learn how to power an iPod with an onion on YouTube. Is it a good idea to power an iPod with an onion, or should you stick to your charger? See more »

Is it possible to fix a blown fuse with a chewing gum wrapper?

If you could fix a fuse with only a stick of foil-wrapped gum, would you do it? Learn how to fix a fuse and why a gum wrapper may not be the best bet. See more »

What if I accidentally ended up locked in a walk-in freezer?

Being locked in a freezer like the ones found in restaurants could lead to hypothermia if you're in there too long. Learn about getting locked in a freezer. See more »

What if someone shot a gun on an airplane?

Shooting a gun on a plane wouldn't cause much damage if the bullet hit the plane's skin. Find out what would happen if you shot a gun on a plane. See more »

How Quantum Suicide Works

Quantum suicide is a form of thought experiment that is related to the field of quantum physics. Learn about the concepts behind the quantum suicide theory. See more »

Do backscatter X-ray systems pose a risk to frequent fliers?

The backscatter X-ray system that can see through clothes has begun its test run at the international airport in Phoenix. But privacy is only one concern facing its implementation. See more »

Aren't there machines that can detect liquid explosives?

Passengers on U.S. aircraft can now carry on as many 3-ounce containers of liquids as they can squeeze into a quart-size plastic bag. Isn't there a better way to safeguard against liquid explosives? See more »

What if I shot my TV?

You know that bumper sticker that says "Shoot your TV"? Click here to find out what would happen if you actually tried it (it's best to let us do the dirty work). See more »

How does a ball point pen work?

How does a ball point pen work? See more »

Could I power my computer or my TV with a bicycle generator?

How to power a TV with a bicycle is explained in this article. Find out if you can power a TV with a bicycle. See more »