Weather Match-Ups
weather matchups

These cards let kids learn facts about the weather in a very fun way.

Lakeshore Learning Materials

Weather is science that happens every day, so what better way to keep a budding scientist busy? With Weather Match-Ups, the researcher on your gift list can keep one eye to the weather and another to learning more about the systems that cause it. Designed for children ages 7 and 8, Weather Match-Ups will dovetail nicely with at least one earth science unit that's sure to appear in second- or third-grade classroom curricula.

More to the point, it's a fun way to start learning a few fun weather facts ahead of schedule. The set includes 12 three-piece puzzles that focus on earth science facts. Simply connect a picture to its matching word and definition, and voila -- the match-up becomes a flashcard that illustrates the basics of wind and hail, stratus and cumulus clouds, tornadoes, lightning and more. Before long, you could just have a meteorologist on your hands.