Julie Douglas is a podcaster, writer and editor at HowStuffWorks.com and a sometimes phlebotomist and pyrotechnician, not to mention a fabulist of bios. She likes to pronounce the "s" in her last name as though it were silent, though no one else will. Mostly she's interested in finding out what makes us tick, and so far science is the best tool she's found to interrogate the universe with. Along with co-host Robert Lamb of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, she's game for exploring everything from nanotechnology used in military exoskeletons to marauding monkeys high on hallucinogens. Keep a look out for Julie on a new parenting podcast, Mothership, set to launch in late summer. In the meantime you can read about her adventures in parenting on the TLC blog Parentables.

Julie lives in Atlanta with her most excellent spouse and their whirling-dervish-of-a-toddler daughter. When not researching and writing Julie toils away at penning overly earnest fiction. Luckily her spouse and daughter get her outdoors for frequent stick and mushroom gathering expeditions.

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