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10 Ways the World Will End: Invasion of the Grey Goo
The Science Channel's "Ten Ways the World Will End," details how nanotechnology could lead to the self-replication of nano-robots that can transform all carbon matter into grey goo.
10 Ways the World Will End: Robots Inherit the Earth
Docile robots turn into maniac killers as they overtake their less intelligent human masters in this humorous apocalyptic scenario on The Science Channel's "10 Ways the World Will End."
Killer Robots: Avalanche vs. Pummel Bug
It's a fight to the death between Avalanche and Pummel Bug. Don't let the cute name fool you. These machines in action are downright vicious.
Killer Robots: Combat Highlights
Check out even more of the best moments from the RoboGames 2011 heavyweight combat event. Beware of projectile bolts and spontaneous bursts of flame.
Killer Robots: Death and Taxes vs. Breaker Box
Death and Taxes and Breaker Box go head to head during RoboGames 2011. Watch the sparks fly...literally.
Killer Robots: Double Rainbow Party vs. Gruff
Can Double Rainbow Party spin "right round" the tough Gruff? Watch this heavyweight combat match from RoboGames 2011 and find out.
Killer Robots: DxTer vs. Scrap Hammer
Watch as robotic heavyweights DxTer and Scrap Hammer go head to head in all out combat. Which machine will emerge the victor?
Killer Robots: Fire-Fighting
Watch as this robot competes in the RoboGames fire-fighting event. The goal is to maneuver through the maze, locate the open flame and snuff it out.
Killer Robots: KJO vs. Vice Crypt
Will KJO prevail against Vice Crypt's death grip? Watch these two robots square off in a fight to the finish.
Killer Robots: Kung-Fu Chop
Complex robots go head to head in the RoboGames 2011 Kung-Fu event.
Killer Robots: Live Free or Die vs. Pump
Bring in the new and throw out the old. Live Free or Die and Pump get ready for battle.
Killer Robots: OBladerator vs. Live Free or Die
Which machine will emerge victorious and earn the ultimate honor in mechanical combat inner circles and eternal bragging rights?
Killer Robots: Pump vs. Live Free or Die
The rookie Live Free or Die team hope they have what it takes to bring down RoboGames combat veteran, Pump. See what happens when a newbie takes on a seasoned pro.
Killer Robots: Ragin Scotsman vs. Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter team hopes to get underneath of their competitor and press a button that would send metal bits flying. Will their strategy pay off or does Ragin' Scotsman win the day?
Killer Robots: Robot Stretch
Who says you have to have muscles to enjoy a good stretch? Watch as this perfectly balanced bot gets nimble at RoboGames 2011.
Killer Robots: Son of Ziggy vs. Scrap Hammer
Will Son of Ziggy turn Scrap Hammer into a pile of scrap metal?
Killer Robots: Vicious Combot Mashup
Get up close to the action and check out some of the most intense moments from the RoboGames 2011 heavyweight combat event. It's a good thing this glass is bulletproof.