Ways to Remain Upbeat in a Down Economy
girls laughing

Keeping a close network of friends is a good way to lift your spirits.

Baymler/Getty Images

The economy's in the tank, you're worried about losing your job (or you may have already lost it) and money is tight. You'd like to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, but just can't find the time, energy or emotional stability to keep wearing that happy face. Don't worry, it's perfectly natural to experience feelings of stress and tension, and there are many ways that, regardless of your situation, you can remain upbeat, even if you've been sporting a permanent scowl since the economy started heading south. Over the next few pages, we'll examine a few sure-fire ways to keep you smiling through whatever economic misfortunes may fall your way. More importantly, we'll not only tell you how to better handle your financial troubles, we'll also show you how to change them and get your finances back where they need to be.

Does balancing a checkbook sound like some sort of lame magic trick to you? If so, click over to the next page to learn how to keep your financial rabbit safely stashed in your hat.