Adonis, a genus of annual and perennial flowers of the buttercup family, native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia. Adonises have a single flower of 5 to 50 petals and finely divided, fernlike leaves. Four species commonly grown in the United States are the spring adonis, a yellow perennial; the summer adonis, a crimson annual; the amur adonis, a golden-yellow perennial; and the pheasant's-eye, or autumn adonis, a red annual. All four grow to a height of about 18 inches (45 cm). According to legend, the pheasant's-eye sprang from the blood of Adonis, a character in Greek mythology.

Adonises belong to the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae. The spring adonis is Adonis vernalis; summer adonis, A. aestivalis; amur adonis, A. amurensis; pheasant's-eye, A. annua.