Arum, the name of a genus of about 12 species of perennial herbs. It is also the common name for a family of plants, most members of which are tropical. Plants belonging to the genus Arum have underground tubers and, usually, arrow-shaped leaves. Members of this genus are native to Europe and western Asia. They are grown primarily in flower pots. The flowers are borne on a thickened spike that is surrounded by a spathe (a leaflike structure). The spathe is often brightly colored. Two of the most popular plants of the genus Arum are Solomon's lily and lords-and-ladies.

The arum family is made up of herbs, shrubs, and trees. Many members of this family are climbing plants or epiphytes (air plants). There are more than 100 genera.

Lords-and-ladies is Arum maculatum; Solomon's lily, A. palaestinum. Both belong to the arum family, Araceae.