Beardtongue, or Pentstemon, a large genus of perennial plants of the figwort family. Beardtongues are often grown in garden borders and in rock gardens. The handsome flowers have two lips, with the upper lip having two lobes and the lower lip three. There are five projecting stamens, accounting for the name pentstemon ("five stamens"). One of these tongue-like stamens is sterile and often beardedhence the name beardtongue. The flowers may be blue, purplish, yellow, pink, red, scarlet, or white. Most members of the beardtongue genus are native to the western part of North America.

The genus Penstemon belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae. A common garden species is P. gloxinioides.

The beardtongueThe beardtongue is a wild and garden flower with colorful blossoms.