Begonia, a very large genus of flowering plants, most of them native to the tropics. There are about 800 kinds of begonias, usually divided into tuberous-rooted and fibrous-rooted types. The leaves are of many shapes, often brightly colored or with colored veins.

Rex begonias have handsome leaves marked with red, pink, black, and silver, sometimes with long hairs. Many begonias, especially the tuberous-rooted types, have lovely flowers. Hybrid forms have been developed with blossoms that look like camellias or narcissus. The beefsteak begonia has pink flowers on long stalks. The President Carnot begonia, named for a president of France, is a tall plant with coral-pink flowers. The flowers of begonias do not last long when picked. They are at their best when the plants are used as house plants or are bedded outdoors during summer.

The genus Begonia belongs to the family Begoniaceae.