Bellflower, one of a large group of garden plants, grown for their beautiful blue, purple, or white bell-shaped flowers. The plants are grown in garden borders, in rock gardens, and in pots.

There are more than 250 species of bell-flowers. The Canterbury bell has blue, purple, or white tubular flowers about one inch (2.5 cm) long. The chimney bellflower, a bush with pale blue flowers, may grow five feet (1.5 m) high. The Coventry bell is a purple-flowered border plant. For the bluebell of Scotland, which has bright blue flowers.

The Chilean bellflower, Chile's national flower, is not a true bellflower.

Bellflowers belong to the family Campanulaceae. The Canterbury bell is Campanula medium; the chimney bellflower, C. Pyramidalis; the Coventry bell, C. trachelium. The Chilean bellflower is Lapageria rosea of the lily family, Liliaceae.