Blazing Star, the common name of several North American wild plants. One species, also called button snakeroot and gay feather, belongs to the composite family and grows in North America as far west as Texas. It has a hairy stem, narrow leaves, and a long spike of rose-purple, buttonlike flower heads, about one inch (2.5 cm) across.

The blazing starThe blazing star has a long spike of rose-purple, button like flower heads.

A second blazing star belongs to the lily family. It has a wandlike flower stalk with many tiny white flowers. A third plant having this name is native to the Rocky Mountain region. It has beautiful yellow flowers with pointed petals. The blossoms may be up to four inches (10 cm) wide.

The three species described are Liatris squarrosa of the family Compositae; Chamaelirinm luteum, family Liliaceae; and Mentzelia laevicaulis, family Loasaceae. The montbretias, garden plants of the iris family (Iridaceae), are also sometimes called blazing star. They belong to the genus Crocosmia.