Buckwheat, a cultivated plant related to rhubarb. Its seed, also called buckwheat, is used as a cereal. The seed makes good poultry feed, and when mixed with other feeds can be fed to livestock. Buckwheat flour is used in pancakes.

Because buckwheat remains in constant bloom until killed by frost, it is a good source of nectar for honeybees, and beekeepers often place hives in or near buckwheat fields. Buckwheat honey is dark in color and has a strong flavor.

The buckwheat plant grows to be about three feet (90 cm) high and has heart-shaped leaves. The flowers, which grow in clusters, are white or pinkish. The seed is pointed and triangular. Buckwheat will grow in soil too poor for corn or wheat.

Buckwheat is Fagopyrum esculentum of the family Polygonaceae.