Burning Bush, a shrub of North America closely related to the spindle tree. It has elliptical, saw-toothed leaves and bears fruit in the form of berries within lobed capsules. The eastern burning bush, or wahoo, is native to the Atlantic coast from Ontario to Florida. It also grows in western Texas. It is grown as an ornamental for its purplish-red berries. The berries grow in four-lobed capsules and remain on the plant throughout the winter. The bark was formerly used by the Indians as a cathartic. The western burning bush is native to the Pacific coast from Puget Sound to southern California. The berries grow in five-lobed capsules and are purplish-brown.

The eastern burning bush is Euonymus atropurpurea; the western, E. occidentals. They belong to the staff-tree family, Celastraceae.