Dock, the common name for a genus of herbs. The members of this genus, also called sorrels, are mostly weeds, but some are cultivated as edible greens. Of the more than 100 species of dock, about 30 grow in North America. They are found in meadows, gardens, and pastures, and along roads. Dock ranges in height from one to nine feet (30 to 270 cm). The leaves have wavy edges, but the shape varies from species to species. The plants have clusters of small greenish flowers, and large, thick, strong roots. Dock weed pests include the narrow-leaf, yellow, or curled dock; and the broad-leaf, or bitter, dock. They can be eliminated only by digging up the roots.

Docks belong to the genus Rumex of the buckwheat family, Polygonaceae. Narrow-leaf dock is Rumex crispus; broad-leaf dock, R. obtusifolius.