Flowering plants, shrubs and trees provide the environment with much needed oxygen and fight soil erosion. They also provide food and shelter for many animals, as well as contribute to the fertility of soil with their dead leaves and flowers.


Colchicum, one of a group of crocuslike plants of the lily family. The most popular of the 30 species is called autumn crocus, or meadow saffron.

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  • Hemp


    Hemp, a plant cultivated for its fiber, seed, and oil. Hemp is also the source of several drugs. See more »

  • Hibiscus


    Hibiscus, a large genus of herbs, shrubs, and small trees of the mallow family. There are more than 150 species, about 20 of which grow in the United States. See more »

  • Hollyhock


    Hollyhock, a tall, perennial, flowering herb. It is native to China, but is widely distributed in many temperate countries. See more »

  • Honeysuckle


    Honeysuckle, an ornamental shrub or twining vine. The plant grows wild in damp woodlands, but is also cultivated for its attractive, usually fragrant, flowers and colorful berries. See more »

  • Hops


    Hops, the female flowers of the hop vine, a perennial plant native to the Northern Hemisphere. See more »

  • How does hemp work?

    How does hemp work?

    How does hemp work? What do rope and "organic clothes" and drugs have to do with each other? See more »

  • Hydrangea


    Hydrangea, an ornamental shrub grown chiefly for its large, showy flower clusters. See more »

  • Iris


    Iris, a genus of perennial herbs native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. See more »

  • Larkspur


    Larkspur, a group of more than 250 species of annual, biennial, and perennial flowering plants that grow throughout temperate areas in the Northern Hemisphere. See more »

  • Lily


    Lily, a family of more than 250 genera of ornamental and useful plants. Lily is particularly the name of plants of the typical genus, the most representative group, of the lily family. See more »

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