Forget-me-not, a small, hairy, annual and perennial plant that grows in temperate areas throughout the earth. The common forget-me-not, symbol of friendship, is native to Europe and Asia and has become naturalized in North America. It is the state flower of Alaska. The plant has thin, sprawling stems up to 12 inches (30 cm) long, on which are borne small blue flowers with yellow, white, or pink centers. It grows in wet areas.

The Virginia forget-me-not of North America, unlike most other forget-me-nots, grows in dry places. It bears white flowers. The Azores forget-me-not, with dark blue flowers, is often grown in greenhouses.

Forget-me-nots belong to the genus Myosotis of the borage family, Boraginaceae. The common forget-me-not is M. scorpioides; Virginia, M. virginica; Azores, M. azorica.

The forget-me-notThe forget-me-not has clusters of light-blue flowers.