Fruits are the seed-bearing parts of plants. Fruits are often fleshy, edible substances containing juices and nutrients beneficial to humans and animals. However, many fruits are commonly mistaken as vegetables.

How can there be seedless grapes? How can they reproduce?

There is a good chance that if you go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of grapes that they will be of the seedless variety. If the grapes are seedless, how are they able to produce new grapes? Find out the answer to that question in this article.

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  • How Cranberry Bogs Work

    How Cranberry Bogs Work

    How can something as delicate and delicious as a cranberry thrive in something as filthy as a bog? Blame it on the durability of this most unusual and hardy plant. See more »

  • Apple


    Apple, the name of an edible fruit and the tree that bears it. The apple tree belongs to the rose family and is related to plum, peach, and pear trees. See more »

  • Apricot


    Apricot, the name of an edible fruit and of the tree that bears it. The apricot belongs to the rose family and is closely related to the peach and the plum. See more »

  • Avocado


    Avocado, or Alligator Pear, the name of a tropical fruit, as well as of the tree bearing it. See more »

  • Berry


    Berry, a fleshy fruit with seeds embedded in its pulp. The skin may be thick or thin. See more »

  • Blackberry


    Blackberry, a shrub of the rose family, closely related to the raspberry. It bears large numbers of sweet, edible fruits also called blackberries. See more »

  • Blueberry


    Blueberry, a fruit-bearing shrub. It is also called whortleberry and bilberry, and is often confused with the huckleberry. See more »

  • Boysenberry


    Boysenberry, a trailing plant closely related to the blackberry. It bears large, reddish-black berries. See more »

  • Breadfruit


    Breadfruit, an evergreen tree native to Malaysia. It is cultivated for its edible fruit and seeds. See more »

  • Cantaloupe


    Cantaloupe, a variety of melon of the cucumber family. It is eaten as a breakfast, salad, or dessert fruit. See more »

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