Fruits are the seed-bearing parts of plants. Fruits are often fleshy, edible substances containing juices and nutrients beneficial to humans and animals. However, many fruits are commonly mistaken as vegetables.



Fruit, the seed-bearing structure of a flowering plant. Most people think of fruits as sweet, flavorful plant parts such as apples, oranges, cherries, and strawberries.

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  • Jackfruit

    Jackfruit (also Jaca, Jack, or Jak), an East Indian tree cultivated for its edible fruit. See more »

  • Litchi

    Litchi (also lichee, lichi, leechee, lychee), a tree of southern China cultivated in the tropics for its fruits. See more »

  • Loquat

    Loquat, an evergreen tree native to China and cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions for its fruit. See more »

  • Papaw

    Papaw, or Pawpaw, a North American tree or shrub, sometimes cultivated for its fruit or for ornamental purposes. See more »

  • Plum

    Plum, a small tree or shrub, and its edible fruit. Many wild and cultivated species grow in temperate regions throughout the world. See more »

  • Prune

    Prune, a dried plum. The term also may mean any plum suitable for drying. Such plums are called fresh prunes when they are used, like other types of plums, in the undried state. See more »

  • Quince

    Quince, a small flowering tree or shrub cultivated for its fruit and flowers. The common quince is a deciduous tree with a crooked trunk. See more »

  • Sloe

    Sloe, or Blackthorn, a shrub or small tree native to Europe and western Asia. The sloe grows to about 15 feet (4.6 m) in height and has short, thorny branches. See more »

  • Strawberry

    Strawberry, the name of a plant and of the edible fruit it bears. The fragrant fruit, red when ripe, is popular for its delicious flavor in fresh, frozen, canned, and preserved forms. See more »

  • Youngberry

    Youngberry, a trailing shrub. It is named for B. M. Young, a Louisiana fruit grower, who developed it by crossing a loganberry with a dewberry. See more »

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