Grasses are shallow-rooted perennials that have long, narrow leaves with veins running parallel to their length. Grasses, which are often herbs, typically grow in large masses, though some grasses, like bamboo, are large and woody.


Oats, the seeds of a genus of annual cereal grasses. The plants, which are also called oats, are raised primarily for the grain The several wild and cultivated species of oats are related to rice and barley, and are grown in temperate regions throughout the world Oats were probably first cultivated in the Near East long ago.

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  • Rice


    Rice, a cereal grass. Its grain is a leading source of food for more than half the world's population. See more »

  • Rye Grass

    Rye Grass

    Rye Grass, a group of annual and perennial grasses of the Old World. Rye grasses have flat, shiny, dark-green or blue-green leaves. See more »

  • Sorghum


    Sorghum, an economically important grass. It is grown for grain and forage and for the manufacture of syrup, brooms, and brushes. See more »

  • Timothy


    Timothy, or Herd's-grass, a grass that is grown as a hay crop. Timothy is one of the most important grasses produced for hay in the United States. See more »

  • Triticale


    Triticale, a hybrid of rye and wheat, it is a member of the grass family. Like wheat and rye, it is a cereal, or grain. See more »

  • Wheat


    Wheat, a plant of the grass family, and the most widely cultivated food crop in the world. See more »

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