Herbs and spices are used to flavor food. Herbs are plants lacking permanent woody stems and are valued for qualities such as medicinal properties, flavor and scent. Spices are made from vegetative substances such as seeds, roots and barks.


Tansy, or Bitter Buttons, a perennial herb. It is native to Europe and is a common roadside weed throughout most of the United States.

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  • How Cinnamon Works

    How Cinnamon Works

    Many people think of cinnamon simply as a condiment that makes sweet treats taste even better, but the spice has had many, diverse uses over time. Could it have some medicinal properties, too? See more »

  • Cinnamon


    Cinnamon, a tropical evergreen tree, related to the laurel. The bark is the source of a spice (also called cinnamon) and contains cinnamic aldehyde, an oil that is extracted and used as a flavoring, in medicine, and in perfume. See more »

  • Basil


    Basil, the name given to several aromatic annual plants of the mint family. The most common is sweet basil, which is cultivated extensively for use in cooking. See more »

  • Boneset


    Boneset, or Thoroughwort, a wild herb of the composite family. Its leaves were once believed to have properties that would aid in setting broken bones. See more »

  • Calendula


    Calendula, or Pot Marigold, a flower of the composite family. The calendula is a popular garden and house plant. See more »

  • Calla


    Calla, a tropical plant having a showy, bell-shaped leaf. This leaf, which resembles the flower of a lily, is called the spathe. See more »

  • Cineraria


    Cineraria, a perennial herb cultivated for its flowers and foliage. The flowers are purplish-red and the leaves are oval-shaped, hairy, and gray. See more »

  • Herb


    Herb, a plant used for its taste or smell, or for its coloring or medicinal properties. See more »

  • Mint


    Mint, a large family of fragrant herbs. The aromatic leaves and volatile oils of mint plants are widely used for flavoring and seasoning, and to a lesser extent in medicines and perfumes. See more »

  • Peppermint


    Peppermint, an aromatic plant containing a volatile oil with a fresh, peppery flavor. See more »

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