Legumes produce their fruit as a pod and generally possess nitrogen-fixing bacteria in nodules on their roots. Because of those bacteria, legumes increase soil's nitrogen content. Some examples of legumes are soybeans, peas and alfalfa.



Wisteria, or Wistaria, a woody, climbing vine grown for its showy flower clusters.

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  • Acacia

    Acacia, a tree or shrub found in dry tropical or subtropical areas. There are more than 800 species. See more »

  • Alfalfa

    Alfalfa, or Lucerne, a plant of the pea family grown primarily for forage, especially as hay. See more »

  • Bean

    Bean, the edible seed or pod of various plants of the pea family. One of the most nourishing of all vegetables, the bean is a source of proteins and carbohydrates. See more »

  • Chick-Pea

    Chick-pea, an Asiatic herb of the pea family. It produces inflated pods containing one or two wrinkled, pealike seeds. See more »

  • Clover

    Clover, a valuable group of plants of the legume (pea) family. The true clovers are plants with compound leavesusually with three leaflets, but occasionally having four or more. See more »

  • How do Mexican jumping beans work?
    How do Mexican jumping beans work?

    I am a cartoon nut. I've noticed that a fair number of cartoons feature "Mexican jumping beans." For example, Speedy Gonzalez is trying to outwit a foe and uses Mexican jumping beans to escape. What I want to know is: Are Mexican jumping beans for r See more »

  • Lentil

    Lentil, a small plant of southern Europe, related to the pea. Lentils are little cultivated in North America, but in southern Europe and the Middle East their seeds, also called lentils, are an important food. See more »

  • Licorice

    Licorice, or Liquorice, a perennial plant native to southern Europe and central and western Asia. See more »

  • Lupine

    Lupine, a group of annual and perennial plants that grow chiefly on the Great Plains of North America. See more »

  • Peanut

    Peanut, an annual plant of the legume family. Its edible seeds also are called peanuts. See more »

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