Pink, the name of several low-growing herbs with small, usually pink or red flowers. It is also the name of a plant family.

The grass (or garden) pink, with many cultivated varieties, is typical of the true pinks, which are native to Europe and Asia. It grows about one foot (30 cm) tall and has bluish-gray foliage. The flowers have fringed petals (usually five, but sometimes doubled) and are spicily fragrant. Other garden species are the China pink and the maiden pink. The carnation and sweet william are also true pinks.

Another group of pinks, botanically classed with the campions, includes the Indian (or fire) pink and the wild pink, both of which are native to North America.

The moss pink is not a true pink, but a phlox.

The grass pink is Dianthus plumarius; China pink, D. chinensis; maiden pink, D. deltoides; carnation, D. caryophyllus; sweet william, D. barbatus. The Indian pink is Silene virginica (eastern United States) or S. californica (Pacific Coast region); wild pink, S. caroliniana. All belong to the pink family, Caryophyllaceae.