Spleenwort, the common name of a genus of about 650 species of low-growing, usually evergreen, ferns. The name originated from an erroneous belief that these ferns could cure disorders of the spleen. The spleenworts are found in temperate and tropical climates throughout the world. Their leathery textured leaves, or fronds, grow in a rosette or cluster. The fronds taper towards the tip and may be simple and undivided or compound and divided into small leaflets. The ebony, or brownstem, spleenwort is a common American species found in shaded woods and fields. Its fronds, which have purplish-brown stalks, can reach a length of 8 to 15 inches (20 to 38 cm).

Spleenworts make up the genus Asplenium of the family Aspleniaceae. The ebony spleenwort is A. platyneuron.