Tuberose, the common name for a genus of perennial herbs, most of which are native to Mexico. The name refers to the fact that these plants have tuberous (swollen) roots. There are about a dozen species, only one of which, the common tuberose, is cultivated.

The common tuberose reaches a height of about 3 1/2 feet (1 m). Its long, narrow leaves grow from the base of the plant. The waxy, white flowers are very fragrant. The common tuberose is a popular garden plant and is often a florist's flower. Propagation is by bulbs. The plant is extensively cultivated in France, where the blossoms are used in the perfume industry.

The common tuberose is Polianthes tuberosa of the agave family, Agavaceae.

The tuberoseThe tuberose has tuberous roots, narrow leaves, and fragrant white flowers.