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Oddities: A Bargain with Bite
Pat Sajak, AFVN Disc Jockey in Saigon from 1969-71, talks about serving in the USO and the importance of lifting the spirits of American troops who regularly put themselves in harms way.
Oddities: A Bargain with Bite
Pat Sajak, AFVN Disc Jockey in Saigon from 1969-71, talks about serving in the USO and the importance of lifting the spirits of American troops who regularly put themselves in harms way.
Oddities: A Hand, Please
Mike and Evan come across a unique and unusual prop that might come in handy for a client's film: a mummified hand. Is it the real deal, or a great piece of work?
Oddities: A Heady Bargain
Since launching in 2009, the Kepler program has detected hundreds of previously unknown planets. How many of them are Earth-like, and what does that mean for the probability of intelligent life beyond our solar system?
Oddities: A Mission for the Mistress
While Mike and Evan are on a mission to find an unusual object for a client, they come across a pair of performers who want to show off more then just their cool inventory.
Oddities: A Model Occidactyl
A single working mother comes home to find her two young daughters murdered. Summer vacation had just started for the two siblings but their vacation turned into a nightmare.
Oddities: A Sharp Bargainer
A sideshows performer shows off her sword-swallowing and fire-breathing skills, hoping to win a discount on a rat skeleton. Will her tricks seal the deal?
Oddities: Anything Kooky or Crazy
From the kooky and bizarre to the downright weird, check out some of the latest vintage goodies from Obscura in this exclusive webisode from Season 3.
Oddities: Blockhead Trick
A sideshow performer, who specializes in the blockhead trick, comes into the shop to look for an antique that is fit for his dangerous trick.
Oddities: Cool Brains
Ryan can't wait to get his hands on a very cool preserved human brain in his friend Scott's collection. Will Ryan be able to convince Scott to part with the precious pickle?
Oddities: Cow-Eyed Flower
Now 100 years old, the John Carter stories have inspired characters real and fictional. Martin Berman looks into what makes a Sci-fi classic.
Oddities: Embalmic Findings
Mike and Evan present their embalmic equipment findings to Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of the band Korn.
Oddities: Embalmic Search
At Obscura Antiques and Oddities, Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the band Korn, asks Mike and Evan for some very specialized embalming equipment.
Oddities: Embalming Kit
Laura brings in an old embalming kit.
Oddities: Get to the Point
2012 has seen some of the highest levels of solar activity ever recorded. But what can solar storms do to you? Daron Taylor takes a look at what these intense geomagnetic storms mean.
Oddities: Is It Old and Weird?
A seller wants to offload a body piercing kit that lacks the precision of modern medical tools, but makes up for it in charm and history. But is actually old? Only Evan can make the call.
Oddities: Look Mom, No Hands
While shopping for the store, Mike and Ryan meet a circus entertainer who shows off some seriously dangerous stunts. It should go without saying, but do NOT try this at home. Then, they check out an amazing - but expensive - prop.
Oddities: Mistress of The Dark
Mike, Ryan and Evan find a great piece for special client: Cassandra Peterson, aka "Elvira, Mistress of The Dark". Will she like the piece they found for her, or did the Obscura team blow it on a future buyer?
Oddities: Monkey Hands
A tattoo artist tries to sell a unique pair of "monkey hands," and Mike explains the super-strength of monkeys and apes. Will the price be right?
Oddities: Mortician's Tools And A Scary Skull
Laura, a former model -- and mortician -- shows off some of the tools of the embalming trade. Also, check out Ryan's custom-made "exploded skull." How cool is that?.
Oddities: Pigeon Parachute
A customer that has open a museum for kids is looking for a historical piece that makes kids say "Oh and ahh". Will pigeon parachute be ideal for his museum?
Oddities: Post-Embalming Table
Obscura's Evan and Ryan bring their find -- a "cooling" table for bodies used after embalming -- to the eclectic home of their mortician client.
Oddities: The Noes Straightener
Ryan and Even go check out a friend's collection and discover he own a nose straightener.
Oddities: Too Weird For Us
A customer brought in what may be one of the weirdest antiques the store has ever seen. Find out what Mike and Evan found out when they had a lab investigate the object. Is there great evil inside?
Oddities: Yearning for a Gurney
SETI Institute is Earth's "welcome mat" for extra-terrestrial intelligence, where dozens of scientists are examining signals from space, and exploring our evolutionary history to find out if life could have happened elsewhere in the universe.
What Happens to Blood During the Embalming Process?
The embalming process is designed to keep the body preserved until the funeral, but how exactly does it work and what happens to bodily fluids like blood? Get the gory details in this HowStuffWorks podcast.