The Food Chain
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G Word: Shark Population
Find out why the shark population is on a steep decline on Planet Green's "G Word."
Perfect Predator: Tiger Shark Food
Tiger sharks eat almost anything, but they do have a list of their favorites. Learn what they are on Discovery Channel's "Perfect Predator."
Survival Guide: Serengeti: Leopard's Competition
On Animal Planet's "Survival Guide: Serengeti," learn about the leopard's competition for food. The leopard is almost at the bottom of the pecking order of predators with lions and hyenas both posing as legitimate threats to getting their share of prey.
Survival Guide: Serengeti: Lion Stealth Hunting
On Animal Planet's "Survival Guide: Serengeti" learn how a female lion uses stealth to help catch her prey.
Survival Guide: Serengeti: Lion's Menu
The Serengeti lion is the largest of the large cats, and to maintain that weight it needs to eat a lot. In this clip from Animal Planet's "Survival Guide: Serengeti," we learn what's on the menu and how lions hunt.
Survival Guide: Serengeti: Lions in the Serengeti
In this clip from "Survival Guide: Serengeti" on Animal Planet, we get an overview of the most powerful of the meat eaters. The Serengeti lion is on top of the food chain and has little to fear.
Survival Guide: Serengeti: The Lion's Enemies
The Serengeti lion has very few enemies. In this clip from "Survival Guide: Serengeti" on Animal Planet, we get a glimpse of a lions' relaxed lifestyle that is only interrupted by hyenas and other lions.
What's To Love: Mosquito Bite
On Animal Planet's "What's to Love?" we learn that mosquitoes kill more humans than any other insect, as they spread a variety of diseases. Only female mosquitoes bite, because they need a special protein from blood to lay eggs.