How Gender Reassignment Works: Author’s Note

During my first newsroom job, I worked with an editor who decided to undergo the transition from living as a man to living as a woman. This was my first experience with transsexualism and gender reassignment, at least that I knew of. Deciding to become the gender you feel you are despite your body looking a different way -- that's a big change. It's bold. I think what surprised me the most during this assignment was learning how extensive the process can be, depending on the therapies the individual decides to undertake -- the path to gender reassignment is a path of counseling and diagnosis, hormone therapy, real-life experience and surgeries to change the genitals and other sex characteristics. I was disappointed at the lack of statistics regarding the number of transsexuals who have undergone gender reassignment. What I was able to find is a bit dated (from the 1990s) but it's generally reported that people who take the leap do not regret they did so.

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