10 Best Spots on Earth to Watch the Auroras

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'Pilot's Glory': Why a Rainbow Encircles an Airplane Shadow on Clouds

'Pilot's Glory': Why a Rainbow Encircles an Airplane Shadow on Clouds

What conditions create the atmospheric phenomenon known as a pilot's glory? Learn more about circular rainbows in this HowStuffWorks article.

Author's Note: 10 Best Spots on Earth to Watch the Auroras

Is it strange that I dedicated half an article about where to see the auroras to places where it's unlikely to happen? Perhaps. But I discovered early on in my research that many people don't know there are Southern Lights. The commonly photographed aurora borealis, and the popularity of Alaska as a tourist destination, seems to have embedded the aurora as a Northern phenomenon to such a great extent that its Southern counterpart has slipped through the general-knowledge cracks. And so, my tiny attempt to change that. And maybe help out an adventurer knocking off a bucket list way too quickly for comfort.

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