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Storms are a meteorological event that can be studied to advance the science of meteorology. The study of storms can potentially save lives as scientists gain a better understanding of their nature. Learn more about storms here.

How far in advance should I check the weather forecast?

Whether you're planning an outdoor wedding or a Saturday morning tag sale, it's nice to know ahead of time what the sky is going to do. But does checking the 10-day forecast do any more good than praying for sunshine?

Death by Hurricane: It's the Water That You Really Have to Watch Out For

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How a Single Lightning Strike Instantly Killed Hundreds of Reindeer

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How El Nino Works

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10 Times It Has Rained Something Other Than Water

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Does thunder in the winter mean snow is coming?

If you hear thunder during the winter, should you get your snow shovel ready? Find out if thunder in winter means snow is coming. See more »

Does lightning really never strike the same spot twice?

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Is it dangerous to bathe during a thunderstorm?

Taking a bath during a thunderstorm might be a shocking experience. Find out just how dangerous it is to bathe during a thunderstorm. See more »

Do rubber tires insulate your car from lightning?

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Are you safe from lightning if you haven't heard thunder for 30 minutes?

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Are you safe from lightning if the storm hasn't hit yet?

The storm clouds may seem far away, but lightning may strike soon. Learn if you're safe from lightning if a storm hasn't hit yet at HowStuffWorks. See more »