Natural Disasters: The Original Homewreckers
Each year, natural disasters cause billions of dollars' worth of damage around the globe -- but how do they actually work? Learn more about everything from avalanches to volcanoes in this comprehensive Discovery series.
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3 Questions: Avalanche
When terrain is capable of producing an avalanche, snow can form into a tremendous, deadly force. Take a look at this clip to learn the basics of avalanche formation, movement and impact.
3 Questions: Avalanche
When terrain is capable of producing an avalanche, snow can form into a tremendous, deadly force. Take a look at this clip to learn the basics of avalanche formation, movement and impact.
Adrenaline Lab: Chasing Hurricanes & Tornadoes
George Kourounis, professional storm chaser and adrenaline junkie, explains how focusing on his camera work helps him survive extreme close encounters with near-apocalyptic storms.
Assignment Discovery: Paricutin
On Discovery Channel's series, "Assignment Discovery," the birth of the volcano in Paricutin, Mexico is explained. The new volcano took only a week to erupt and destroy two villages.
Calculating Death Tolls
Calculating death tolls after a catastrophic event can be a complicated process. Numbers are gathered from all the local areas and combined to get the estimate. However, errors are common, and the margin of error can be quite large.
Discovery News 2008: Avalanche School
Learn to avoid and survive avalanches in the survival courses offered at the Avalanche School. Take a look at this video from Discovery Channel to learn more about Arctic survival techniques.
Earth: 3 Questions about Floods
The rising floods in Iowa raise questions about floods in general. Watch as James Williams gets some answers in this clip from Discovery Channel.
Earth: Pacific Northwest Megaquake Imminent
New research shows the Pacific Northwest faces high probability of a mega-earthquake in the next 50 years. Discovery News' Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out what this means for cities like Seattle.
Earth: Volcanic Eruption Too Close for Comfort
Volcano photographer Richard Roscoe describes what it was like sitting a few feet away from an erupting volcano.
Earthquake Simulation 2
What exactly is an earthquake? Find out in this Discovery video, which features scenes of a simulated earthquake
Earthquake Simulation 3
Major earthquakes are actually less common than minor quakes. Learn more about earthquakes in this clip from the archives of Discovery.
Earthquake Testing 1
In this clip from the archives of Discovery, find out what science can --and can't-- predict when it comes to earthquakes.
How Earthquakes Work
How do earthquakes work? Learn more about earthquakes in this HowStuffWorks video.
How Mudslides Work
How do mudslides work? Find out more about mudslides in this HowStuffWorks video.
How Tsunamis Work
How do tsunamis work? Learn more about tsunamis in this HowStuffWorks video.
How Volcanoes Work
How do volcanoes work? Find out more about Volcanoes in this HowStuffWorks video.
How Wildfires Work
How do wildfires work? Find out about wildfires in this HowStuffWorks video.
Japan Tsunami: Devastating Ride
A very old, dissected mummified human head enthralls Mike and Evan. Can they score the old noggin without breaking the bank?
Japan Tsunami: Running For Your Life
Robert A. Heinlein, a Navy veteran and writer, created a science fiction world that mixed politics and military values.
Livin' for the Apocalypse: Ready for War
The Layton family not only stockpiles their home and live off their land, but they've also built a bunker away from the city in case war erupts during the Apocalypse.
MegaQuake: Absolute Devastation
Local resident, Katsuyoshi Hayasaka, heads back to his hometown to search for his house in all of the scattered debris.
MegaQuake: Earth Shattering
Watch as the horror of the megaquake is unleashed in Japanese residential areas.
MegaQuake: In The Midst of A Crisis
Watch as tsunami waves begin to crash down on the Japanese coast, causing turmoil and disaster.
MegaQuake: Is the United States Next?
Three hotspots within the "Ring of Fire" have blown in the past year. Therefore, is the fault line off the west coast of the United States next in line to reach it's breaking point?
MegaQuake: Lurking Disaster
What is seemingly a normal day in Japan, is about to turn into one of the most deadly nightmares ever recorded in earthquake history.
MegaQuake: Nuclear Catastrophe
The massive earthquake, followed by a devastating tsunami, have joined forces to cause yet another catastrophe in Japan, a nuclear melt down.
MegaQuake: Overpowering Tsunami
The aftermath of the megaquake off Japan's coast caused the formation of a tsunami, which swept ocean water across the continent, 6 miles onto shore before coming to a hault.
NextWorld Lifts: Boats
In the future, little self-navigating boats will float around the oceans gathering information about weather and potentially devastating storms. Learn more in this video from Discovery Channel's "NextWorld" series.
Prehistoric Dallas: Drowned Mammoths
Just outside the city of Waco 65,000 years ago, a herd of Columbian mammoths is wiped out by a raging flash flood.
Really Big Things: Tsunami Plate tectonics
Host Matt Rogers of Discovery Channel's "Really Big Things" travels to Oregon State University to meet with Dr. Chris Goldfinger, a researcher on tsunamis and their effects. He describes to Matt the issue of plate tectonics and its relation to tsunamis.
Some Assembly Required: Hurricane Glass Test
See as hurricane glass it put to the test against a machine that simulates actual hurricane wind. Learn more on Discovery Channel's "Some Assembly Required."
Storm Chasers: A Hidden Monster
Team TIV races towards the same massive tornado that Team DOMINATOR is trying to dodge, while using its siren and PA system to warn drivers not to head into danger.
Storm Chasers: As Deadly As It Gets
Just outside of Oklahoma City, team DOMINATOR finds themselves running from a wide, rain-wrapped tornado that's deadly to intercept.
Storm Chasers: Chase or Chill
When Reed has second thoughts about giving the team a day off, Joel starts to lose patience with the "chase everything" strategy.
Storm Chasers: Dominator Cams
Lead producer Chris Whiteneck shows how the Dominator's camera array provides amazing first person action shots.
Storm Chasers: Extreme Shooters
The producers and camera crews that ride with the Dominator have a passion for getting the most amazing shots.
Storm Chasers: Frantic Chaser Prep
With a major storm system headed their way, lead producer Chris Whiteneck struggles to get the vehicles prepped for the camera operators.
Storm Chasers: Sideways Tornado
While chasing close to home in southeastern Oklahoma, Team Dominator catches up with a horizontal funnel cloud that twists and turns beneath a massive supercell.
Storm Chasers: The Joplin Tragedy
While covering other areas of Tornado Alley, the teams receive news about an EF5 tornado that destroyed most of Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011.
Storm Chasers: Threat Over Topeka
Team TWISTEX watches a massive tornado-producing wall cloud build up directly over Topeka, Kansas.
Storm Chasers: Tornado Near Miss
Team DOMINATOR catches up with a fast moving tornado as it nearly rips through a home outside of Watonga, Oklahoma.
Storm Chasers: Tornado Probe Victory
In a perfect tornado intercept near Canton, Oklahoma, the Dominator 2 makes its first successful parachute probe launch.
What Are the Odds? Avalanche
What are the odds that you could die in an avalanche? Learn more about how avalanches occur in this video.
What Are the Odds? Tsunami
What are the odds a tsunami will hit the United States? Learn more about odds in this video.
What Are the Odds? Yellowstone
What are the odds a volcano will erupt in Yellowstone National Park? Learn more about odds in this video.