Top 5 Tips for Hurricane Safety
hurricane safety

Mother Nature doesn't particularly fancy folks who live on the coast, and she's not at all shy about showing it. See more pictures of natural disasters.


Category 1 hurricanes often cause problems, especially for people in mobile homes, but when a Category 5 hurricane comes pounding in, it's a whole other story. With winds gusting at more than 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour) and storm surges higher than 18 feet (5 meters) high, Category 5 storms have the power to demolish all but the most durable buildings, while plowing down vegetation and utility poles, scooping up cars and roofs, and whipping the resulting debris around in a ferocious frenzy.

They're also big culprits when it comes to flooding. Many new home owners only realize their insurance doesn't automatically cover flooding after it's too late.

Because of the intense level of devastation that comes along with a hurricane, emergency organizations and weather experts stress the importance of knowing what to do if one of these monsters is heading your way. Ready for a rundown on smart hurricane safety practices?