Lit Cigarettes

Hey lady -- don't just drop that cigarette when you're through. It could cause big problems for your forest buddies.


Cigarettes are another common cause of wildfires. Makes sense -- they're certainly burning and they're easy to flick out of sight when a smoke break is over. But the careless toss of a still-burning cigarette butt can have serious consequences if it catches a forest on fire.

When out in the woods, smokers need to take special care their habits don't land them in a lot of trouble. Cigarettes, cigars and even pipe tobacco all need to be thoroughly ground out in the dirt until you're absolutely certain they're extinguished. A stump or a log is not a suitable alternative to an ashtray, and it goes without saying that leaves and other brush should be avoided. Also, even though it might seem gross to keep an ashtray in the car, it's far worse to simply toss a cigarette out an open car window.