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Global Warming and Tornados

Can there be any kind of connection between increased global warming and the strength and severity of tornados? Some scientists think so. In fact, last year NASA issued a prediction that as the earth warms, we may be seeing stronger twisters. This would explain the freak occurrence of tornados in Argentina?an area where they're all but unheard of?earlier this year.

Tornados are fascinating forces of nature?and we probably don't want them getting any stronger. As we've seen on Greensburg, they can be incredibly devastating. The good news is that the study shows that though the storms might get stronger, there will also be fewer and fewer of them.

Bear in mind that these are just some hypothetical predictions?it may be a while yet before the link between severe storms and climate change is pinned down. Nonetheless, research like this goes a long way in promoting eco-awareness and inspiring people and nations around the world to go green in order to prevent further damage to the environment.

This post was inspired by Greensburg.