Natural Disasters

Unpredictable forces of nature like tornadoes and hurricanes can have a devastating impact on humans and our environment. Learn how natural disasters work and how science aims to better predict them.

Guide to Wildfire Safety

With wildfires, prevention is the best medicine. The best way to protect your home is to make sure you never start a fire. But wildfires are inevitable in some areas, so how do you keep your family and property safe?

Top 5 Tips for Earthquake Safety

It's an uncontrollable situation -- the earth is shaking, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Other than crouching for cover, saying a prayer and hoping for the best, how can you improve your survival chances in a major earthquake?

Top 5 Tips for Hurricane Safety

When a monster storm is headed your way, it's best to have a game plan already in place. Ready for a rundown on smart hurricane safety practices?

Top 5 Tips for Tornado Safety

It's not just the stuff of Hollywood movies. Tornadoes strike hundreds of times in the United States each year -- often with deadly force. These tips will greatly improve your odds of surviving a twister.

5 Tips for Heat Wave Safety

Summer is a time for beach fun, backyard barbecues and liberating sunshine. But Mother Nature can also be dangerous if you don't give her proper respect. Here are several keys to staying safe in the swelter.

5 Tips for Thunderstorm Safety

Without question, nature can produce beautiful light shows. Add wind, rain and hail, and you have an awe-inspiring event. But thunderstorms are not to be taken lightly. Here's how to stay safe as Mother Nature displays her strength.

Earthquake Pictures

These earthquake pictures show building damage, road buckling and fault lines exposed from earthquakes. Click through our gallery of earthquake pictures.

Will earthquakes ever be predictable?

We know where major fault lines crisscross the Earth and where about 80 percent of the world's earthquakes occur; it's the "when" that seismologists have valiantly struggled with. Why?

Top 5 Ways that Wildfires Start

Wildfire isn't always bad for a forest -- it can clear brush, fertilize soil and open new space. But if a prescribed burn or even a small campfire gets out of control, it can quickly destroy forest, homes and wildlife. How do wildfires start?

Volcanoes: Spewing Lava All Over the Countryside

Volcanoes are majestic -- and deadly -- geological formations. See pictures of the world's most incredible volcanoes and the damage they can cause.