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Nuclear Science

Nuclear science is the study of sub-atomic particles and their application in various disciplines. Here you can learn about nuclear power plants, atomic theory and radiation.

How Radiation Works

In the comics, radiation exposure turned an average man into a pea green and angry Incredible Hulk. But in reality, what can radiation do to those exposed? Is it always a villain?

How Radiation Sickness Works

Radiation sickness can be terrifying, painful and -- in some cases -- fatal. Learn about the causes and symptoms of radiation sickness. See more »

How Radioactive Cleanup Works

Radioactive cleanup is a dangerous but important task following a nuclear disaster. Learn how radioactive cleanup works. See more »

Nuclear meltdowns can be scary, but it's important to understand what causes them. Learn about how nuclear meltdowns work. See more »

How a Nuclear Reactor Works

Over the years, nuclear reactors have been viewed as both a miracle and a menace. How does a nuclear reactor do its job? See more »

Image Gallery: Nuclear Meltdown Disasters

Nuclear meltdown disasters raise concerns about the technology's safety. See pictures of some of the most catastrophic nuclear meltdown disasters. See more »

Image Gallery: Inside a Nuclear Power Plant

Are you wondering how nuclear power plants work? Tour the inside of a nuclear power plant with these pictures to learn more about this technology. See more »

How Japan's Nuclear Crisis Works

Japan's nuclear crisis involved the failure of multiple safety measures. Learn how Japan's nuclear crisis works. See more »

What would nuclear winter be like?

Nuclear winter occurs after the detonation of nuclear weapons -- it's a grim scenario. Learn about the nuclear winter forecast and predictions it'll happen. See more »

How Radiation Works

Radiation is a loaded word. Believe it or not, not all radiation is bad for your health. Learn which radiation is deadly and which isn't deadly. See more »

How the Nuclear Arms Race Works

The nuclear arms race was a frantic era in which several nations tested nuclear technology and stockpiled warheads. Read about the nuclear arms race. See more »