Nuclear science is the study of sub-atomic particles and their application in various disciplines. Here you can learn about nuclear power plants, atomic theory and radiation.

What is an atomic clock and how does it work?

Many ads for new clocks advertise their ability to automatically synchronize themselves with the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. This atomic clock is more precise because it uses the frequencies of atoms as its resonator.

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  • How Radiation Sickness Works

    How Radiation Sickness Works

    We're all exposed to tiny levels of radiation, but a blast of it can leave you in agony -- that is, if it doesn't kill you outright. What is it, what causes it and how can we treat it? See more »

  • How Radiation Works

    How Radiation Works

    In the comics, radiation exposure turned an average man into a pea green and angry Incredible Hulk. But in reality, what can radiation do to those exposed? Is it always a villain? See more »

  • How Radioactive Cleanup Works

    How Radioactive Cleanup Works

    It's lunchtime, and you've spastically spilled soda all over your desk. Chances are you could tackle that mess faster than we could say "Mr. Clean." What do you do though when the spill is radioactive? See more »

  • How the Manhattan Project Worked

    How the Manhattan Project Worked

    Dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ended World War II. How did the most powerful weapon in the world get developed? It started with the Manhattan Project. See more »

  • How the Nuclear Arms Race Works

    How the Nuclear Arms Race Works

    The detonation of the world's first nuclear bomb ushered in the atomic age. It also amplified tensions between countries and sparked an era in which nations scrambled for power and seemed headed toward catastrophe. See more »

  • How Uranium Mining Works

    How Uranium Mining Works

    Thanks to our voracious appetite for energy, the element long linked with nuclear weapons is taking on a new role. Where does the hunt begin for uranium? See more »

  • Nuclear Science Quiz

    Nuclear Science Quiz

    Want to learn about the Large Hadron Collider? Do you know which item of clothing was named after an event in nuclear physics? Take the quiz, and the gaps in your knowledge will get smaller, and smaller. And smaller. And smaller… See more »

  • Theoretical Particle or Tasty Treat?

    Theoretical Particle or Tasty Treat?

    Subatomic theory is a rapidly changing field. Take our quiz to see if you can distinguish between theoretical particles and delicious dessert snacks! See more »

  • Uranium on the Cranium: The Uranium Mining Quiz

    Uranium on the Cranium: The Uranium Mining Quiz

    Uranium -- the stuff of futuristic energy and atomic weapons. Mining for this valuable element is anything but dull. Think you know how uranium mining works? Take this quiz to find out. See more »

  • What do particle physicists see when collisions happen?

    What do particle physicists see when collisions happen?

    The Large Hadron Collider sounds so exciting, with its millions of near-light-speed collisions per second. But what do scientists really see while that's going on? See more »

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