Optics is the study of the properties and behavior of light. In this section you can learn about everything from holograms to lasers and lenses.


Lens, a curved, transparent body (usually of glass) that refracts (bends) light rays.

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  • Violet (color)

    Violet (color)

    Violet, a reddish-blue color. The light rays that produce it have the shortest wavelength of any in the visible spectrum. See more »

  • White


    White, the color of a substance that reflects all the colors of sunlight. It can also be produced by a mixture, in equal proportions, of the optical primaries because these colors (violet-blue, green, and orange-red) can be combined to produce all other colors. See more »

  • Yellow


    Yellow, one of the pigment primary colors. Yellow occurs between green and orange in the solar spectrum. See more »

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