Optics is the study of the properties and behavior of light. In this section you can learn about everything from holograms to lasers and lenses.


Mirage, an optical illusion caused by light that is refracted (bent) as it passes through layers of air of different temperatures.

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  • Spectrum


    Spectrum (plural: Spectra), the distribution of radiant energy arranged by wavelength, frequency, or some other measurable order. See more »

  • Vermilion


    Vermilion, a bright scarlet pigment used to make paint and to color rubber and other substances. See more »

  • Violet (color)

    Violet (color)

    Violet, a reddish-blue color. The light rays that produce it have the shortest wavelength of any in the visible spectrum. See more »

  • White


    White, the color of a substance that reflects all the colors of sunlight. It can also be produced by a mixture, in equal proportions, of the optical primaries because these colors (violet-blue, green, and orange-red) can be combined to produce all other colors. See more »

  • Yellow


    Yellow, one of the pigment primary colors. Yellow occurs between green and orange in the solar spectrum. See more »

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