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Assignment Discovery: Beginnings of Quantum Physics
In the 1920s, the behavior of atoms developed into a new theory called quantum mechanics. Since then, physicists have learned much more about the subatomic world. Learn more about quantum physics on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Singularity
Inside the black hole there is singularity. Here space and time cease to exist. Singularity is governed by the laws of quantum gravity. Learn more about singularity on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
SciQ Podbusters: A Parallel Universe
Some physicists believe a parallel universe might exist. What if a parallel universe existed right here in your room?
SciQ Podbusters: Future Changes
If one thing remains constant, it is change. So what does the future hold? Will the dental floss or X-RAY you use today become something else in the future?
SciQ Podbusters: Is the Universe a Sphere?
Columbus proved that the Earth had no end but is a sphere. Where is the end of the Universe?
SciQ Podbusters: Moving Galaxies
If we run the tapes in space backwards would we find moving galaxies? Watch this clip to find out!
SciQ Podbusters: The Chicken or the Egg?
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Dr. Michio Kaku answers this question and many more.
SciQ Podbusters: Theory of Everything
There are common threads tying the theories of everything together. Has the true theory of everything been found? Is there a way to unite them?
SciQ Podbusters: What is the Earth Made of?
Ever wonder what the Earth is made of? Dr. Michio Kaku defines the many layers beneath the Earth's core.
SciQ Podbusters: Without Einstein
What would life be like without Einstein's contributions? Dr. Michio Kaku explains life without Einstein and most of all his Theory of Relativity.
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