Sickest Teleporter Accidents Ever

"Galaxy Quest" crew members watch in horror as their ship's teleporter turns an alien pig lizard inside out.

Murray Close/Getty Images

It's hard to imagine life without teleportation. This amazing (and largely fictionalized) technology allows us to travel instantly from one point in space to another, and all we have to do is destroy our bodies, break it all down into digital information and transmit that data to a receiver, which flawlessly rebuilds our minds and bodies.

Except, of course, when the teleporter malfunctions and turns us inside out.

Look, accidents happen. Data crashes corrupt your files, cell phones drop your signal and -- yes -- sometimes your morning commute zaps you straight into the side of a mountain.

Small errors are common. Most of us have probably emerged from a telepod unexpectedly naked or missing an ear. No biggie, right? Luckily for humanity, the truly severe teleporter accidents are few and far between.

Ahead, we'll look at some of history's worst teleporter accidents, as well as the monstrous things that emerged on the other side of the data stream.