Everyday Myths

There are certain aspects of everyday science that we think of as fact, but in reality may be pure urban legend. In this section, you can learn about some of the everyday science myths you may encounter.

What are some practical uses for solar energy?

High material costs and relatively low efficiency have held solar energy back as an alternative to fossil fuels. But that hasn't stopped people from finding some practical everyday applications for solar panels.

10 Fake Scarcities

We're running out of oil. And diamonds. And while we're at it, chicken wings, too! Relax, these are actually examples of shortages that really aren't. What else is a fake scarcity?

Will we ever unite quantum mechanics with general relativity?

Einstein showed us a mind-blowing way the universe works, while Max Planck and his gang showed us how particles on the atomic and subatomic levels work. But one doesn't explain the other. So there must be a larger theory encompassing them ... or not?

10 Signs What You're Reading Online Is Bogus

We've all seen the ceaseless reposting of false information on social media and been to sites that offer claims that seem too good to be true. How can you separate the valid information from the hogwash?

10 Tips for Telling Fact From Fiction

You know you can't believe everything you see or hear. But between the misinformation on the Internet and our natural propensity to believe what we're told, it can be hard to tell fact from fiction. Here are 10 ways to avoid being conned.

10 Crazy Hoaxes That Duped the World

Hoaxes have been around for centuries, created by people as jokes, or for profit or attention. Crazy as some of them -- including these 10 -- seem in hindsight, why were people so willing to buy into them?

10 Surprisingly Believable Bits of Malarkey

Some malarkey is so believable that it's turned many of us into inadvertent purveyors of hogwash. What are 10 bits of malarkey that tend to slip through the "hey, wait a minute" filter?

Why do people believe things that science has proved untrue?

The idea that dinosaurs roamed the Earth with man is one of the many that persist despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. What is belief perseverance, and why does the human mind go to such great lengths to keep the peace?

10 Completely False 'Facts' Everyone Knows

The blood in your veins is blue. Glass is a slow-moving liquid. If you touch a baby bird, its mother will abandon it. Not so fast –- if you learned any of those "facts" in school, what you learned was wrong.

5 Sickest Teleporter Accidents Ever

It's hard to imagine life (especially sci-fi life) without teleportation until something goes wrong. Horribly wrong. These five accidents will make any time you've spent in the telepod seem really tame.

Why do we have leap years?

It's the ultimate gyp as a kid -- having a birthday fall on a day that occurs once every four years. On behalf of cheated leapers everywhere, why are such years necessary?