What If

What if you never aged? What if dinosaurs were alive today? Explore the hypothetical with these and more 'what if' scenarios.

Thought Experiment: What If We Stopped Walking Upright?

Humans have only been bipedal for a sliver of history. What if we returned our spines to their original position and quit walking upright? What would that world be like?

What if you really ate 50 eggs like in 'Cool Hand Luke'?

In the classic film "Cool Hand Luke," the title character gulps down 50 hard-boiled eggs in less than an hour. Is this a trick you can (or should) try at home?

What if Earth's core cooled down?

The core of our planet is about as hot as the sun. Here's why we should all hope that it stays that way.

What if we ran out of helium?

A helium shortage threatens more than just the balloon industry. Way more. Here's what at stake should we run out of this gas — which is a real possibility.

What if we drilled into a supervolcano?

What could happen if we poked one of these sleeping giants? There are two scenarios. One is good. One is very, very bad.

What if the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted?

Welcome to Yellowstone, a natural wonderland that's home to stunning vistas, vibrant plant and animal life ... and a massive and potentially devastating supervolcano.

What if the sun disappeared for a week?

Your vacation would be ruined, and that's not all.

What if Earth lost gravity for five seconds?

Sans gravity, would we all just bounce up and down like astronauts on the moon? No. It would look a little more like a Michael Bay movie.

What if Earth changed its orbit?

Our planet's path around the sun defines life on Earth. What would happen if it changed?

What if the Amazon rainforest was completely destroyed?

Climate change and industrial activity are wiping out large sections of the Amazon. You might not realize how much this deforestation could affect you.