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How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works

Chemical warfare and biological warfare is explained in this article. Learn about biological and chemical warfare.

What is Ricin?

A man lay in critical condition on Feb. 29, 2008, after the biotoxin ricin was found in his hotel room. Find out what ricin is and what it does to the body.

How Anthrax Works

"There have been several anthrax scares in the U.S. since 9/11. Find out where anthrax bacteria comes from, how it infects people and how its treated."

How can llamas help defeat biological weapons?

Sure, llamas are our friends. But little did we know that these fuzzy, camel-like creatures might save us all should the End come in the form of a biological attack.

What will Earth look like in 5,000 years?

The Earth in 5,000 years would be a very different place because of climate change. Learn about the Earth in 5,000 years.

Flight at the End of the 20th Century

The history of flight in the 1990s included the fastest helicopter circumnavigation of the Earth. Read about 1990s flight history up to today.

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