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How Landslides Work

Landslides can be devastating, causing more damage than their triggers. Learn more about landslides and landslide causes.

How the MQ-9 Reaper Works

The MQ-9 Reaper is one of the latest unmanned aerial vehicles in development. Read about the MQ-9 Reaper and how UAV technology is being used by the Air Force.

How Sinkholes Work

Sinkholes are much more than holes in the ground. Learn how sinkholes can cause the Earth to swallow up you, your home and your car.

How Napalm Works

Napalm is a fiery tactical weapon that can stick to targets like no other incendiary weapon. Learn how napalm is used in war and who has used it.

How was the construction of the World Trade Center unique?

How was the construction of the World Trade Center unique? Learn how the construction of the World Trade Center was unique at HowStuffWorks.

How are crystals made?

Crystals can be made in a countertop pie tin, a high-tech lab or a fissure deep in the Earth. Learn more about how crystals are made at

Does a wet summer mean a brilliant fall?

Does the brilliance of fall leaves owe credit to summer rains? Learn if a wet summer means they'll be a colorful fall at HowStuffWorks.

What is a funicular railway?

In the news about the recent accident at a ski resort in Austria, the reporters called the cable car that carried the skiers up the mountain a "funicular railway." What is that and how does it work?

Richard Sharpe Shaver, UFO Hoaxster

Richard Sharpe Shaver was a controversial UFO storyteller promoted by Ray Palmer. Check out his amazing stories of aliens called deros and teros.

The Maury Island UFO Incident

The Maury Island UFO incident was a UFO encounter concocted by Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl. Read about the "dirtiest hoax in UFO history."

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