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How the Gemini Spacecraft Worked

The Gemini spacecraft took 20 astronauts to space and back. Find out how the Gemini spacecraft took NASA one step closer to landing on the moon.

5 NASA Inventions You Won't Believe

There have been some amazing NASA inventions you won't believe. Visit HowStuffWorks to see 5 NASA inventions you won't believe.

Neil Armstrong Is the First Man on the Moon

Neil Armstrong's 'one small step' signified a completely new achievement for humankind. Learn about the mission that put the first man on the moon.

Astronauts May Soon Be Breaking (and Baking) Bread in Space

HowStuffWorks looks at a company attempting to solve the problem of how to bake a loaf of crumbless, tasty bread in space.

The Orionid Meteor Shower Is Back — Here's What You Need to Know

When do the Orionid meteors appear? How can you see them? Learn more about the Orionids in this HowStuffWorks article.

The Solar System Explained

"The solar system that consists of nine (and possibly ten) planets orbiting a giant, fiery star we call the sun. Find out more here."

Space Exploration Pictures

These space exploration pictures show you how mankind has explored the vastness of space. Check out these space exploration pictures.

So You Want to Be an Astronaut? This NASA Newbie Has Some Tips

The astronaut class of 2013 had more than 6,000 applicants, and just eight were selected. Do you have the right stuff? Find out at HowStuffWorks Now.

Gravitational Wave Detectors Discover Colliding Neutron Stars – and Uncover a Scientific Goldmine

For the very first time, both gravitational waves and electromagnetic radiation have been observed emanating from the same cosmic event: GW170817.

Kilonovas Are Some of the Biggest, Baddest Stellar Blasts in Space

Kilonovas occur when two neutron stars collide. Learn more about the spectacular stellar blasts known as kilonovas at HowStuffWorks.

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