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Is the army testing an invisible tank?

An invisible tank could give any military a distinctive edge on the battlefield. Find out how the British army is developing an invisible tank.

How Invisibility Cloaks Work

With optical-camouflage technology, the invisibility cloak is a reality. Learn what it is.

How can you make water invisible?

Magicians say invisible water exists, and they often prove it by floating a small boat on thin air. Learn the magic behind the invisible water trick.

Can You Really Make Yourself Invisible?

Is there a scientific way to make yourself invisible? Will and Mango from Part-Time Genius talk about the science of invisibility.

How Black Ice Works

Black ice is hazardous. Even worse, it's nearly invisible on the road surface. Learn more about black ice at HowStuffWorks.

How does stealth technology work?

When an airplane is described as a "stealth" aircraft, what does that mean? What is "stealth technology" and how does it work?

Is it possible to make a cloaking device?

Cloaking technology can achieve invisibility by bending light waves around an object. Find out how a cloaking device works and learn about cloaking technology limitations.

How the FSF-1 Sea Fighter Works

Nations are facing a more guerilla-style warfare – even at sea, and the equipment must evolve to meet new demands. Enter the Sea Fighter. Learn about this experimental, high-speed, "invisible" ship.

How Luminol Works

You know on crime shows when they spray some stuff on a "clean" carpet and suddenly -- blood stains! This crime scene tool actually exists. Find out how luminol reveals the blood.

Nanogenerators & Microgenerators In The Home

Nanogenerators & Microgenerators In The Home. Keep reading to learn about nanogenerators and microgenerators in the home.

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