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Is it possible to test a nuclear weapon without producing radioactive fallout?

In what may prove to be the first nuclear explosion since 1998, North Korea claims it has conducted an underground test of a nuclear weapon.

Could we really blow up an incoming asteroid with a nuclear bomb?

To blow up an asteroid with a nuclear bomb would be a major undertaking. Find if we can blow up an asteroid with a nuclear bomb.

How Bunker Busters Work

Bunker busters penetrate deep into fortified bunkers or underground compounds before exploding. Learn about bunker busters and how they’re used in combat.

Becoming Better Solar Meteorologists, With Help From Some Monster Waves

Scientists have observed huge "Rossby-like" waves moving through the sun. This discovery could be a big help in forecasting explosive solar events.

The Mother of All Bombs Is Big But It's No Nuke

The U.S. dropped the most powerful non-nuclear bomb it's ever used in combat on Afghanistan in April 2017. HowStuffWorks digs into the ramifications.

How the Manhattan Project Worked

The Manhattan Project was the code name used for the secret plan to develop nuclear weapons by the United States. Learn more about the Manhattan Project.

Hermann Joseph Muller

Hermann Joseph Muller is a famous American biologist. Learn more about Hermann Joseph Muller at HowStuffWorks.

What is the worst environmental disaster in history?

The winner of worst environmental disaster has a lot of company. Learn what the worst environmental disaster is and how we chose it.

Could we stop an asteroid on a collision course toward Earth?

To stop an asteroid that is on a collision path with the Earth would be a monumental task. Find out how scientists are researching ways to stop an asteroid.

The Simple Difference Between Ballistic Missiles and Cruise Missiles

What's the difference between a ballistic missile and a cruise missile? Learn more about missiles in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

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