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'I'll Take a Reusable Rocket Trip for $43 Million, Please'

That's how much it may cost a European satellite operator to hitch a ride on one of SpaceX's "flight-proven" rockets. Learn more at HowStuffWorks Now.

How did Lockheed win NASA's Orion contract?

How did Lockheed win the Orion contract over the manned-space-experts Grumman and Boeing? Check out some of the expert speculation.

Behind the X Prize

We know who won – top-runner SpaceShipOne. We know what the team receives for that accomplishment: $10 million and an obscenely gigantic trophy. But what about the story behind the contest? Learn about the rules, restrictions, red tape, test crashes, successful launches and the technological innovations that may get you into sub-orbit sooner than you think.

Will there be farms in New York City's skyscrapers?

Vertical farming is a method of large-scale farming in an urban environment. Learn about the benefits of a vertical farm and vertical farming technology.

What's the Zone of Silence?

The Zone of Silence sounds like a good place to get some studying done. But it's actually a paranormal hoax.

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