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How SpaceShipTwo Will Work

SpaceShipTwo will give ordinary people the chance to play astronaut for a day. If they have a lot of money, that is. Learn about SpaceShipTwo.

What would happen if I drilled a tunnel through the center of the Earth and jumped into it?

Let's say that it were possible to bore a tunnel from one side of Earth, through the center and out the other side. If you were to jump into the tunnel on one side of the planet, what would happen?

How does going to the bathroom in space work?

A bathroom in space requires unique engineering that is different from a bathroom on Earth. Learn about the features of a bathroom in space.

What is it like to sleep in space?

What is it like to sleep in space? With 16 sunsets, getting shut-eye is a little harder than usual. Find out how astronauts doze in zero gravity.

How to Build a Better Space Explorer

How can we build a better space explorer? Learn what it takes to be a better space explorer.

How Rocket Engines Work

Rocket engines harness the energy to get a spaceship off the ground. Learn about solid-fuel rocket engines, liquid-propellant rockets and the future of rocket engines.

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